It’s 2023 and all of us are leading a rather fast life. There’s no dearth of toxins around us like plastic and even silicone to some extent. Plus, the constant supply of dopamine is always feeding the ever-growing void inside us. So it’s incredibly important that we take a break from our regular programming every now and then. But while we attempt to ‘slow down’ during our vacations, how many of us succesfully manage to do it? Many travelers are seen with plastic water bottles, so the toxins are not giving your body a break. And the need to document everything for the gram never really leaves you with enough time to truly cherish the moment.

I was in Bali last month and it broke my heart to see hundreds of people standing in a queue to shoot viral reels at the rice fields. Not many of them took the time to actually look around and enjoy the beauty of the place. I understand creating content is a full-time job for some but then, even they deserve a break from work at times, don’t they? It’s nice to step away from the daily grind during a vacay. Eat that pizza, drink that cocktail, yes. While holidaying, you do you. But if you let go of your fitness routine completely, you’ll regret those meals after coming back. So, do everything your heart wants you to do but remember, moderation is key. Also, practice some wellness habits to stay on track and continue your progress in terms of becoming your fittest, strongest version. Here are a few ways to inculcate wellness in your during your vacations.

Walk around, A LOT

Ditch the vehicles and walk around as much as possible. Try to clock in 8k to 10k steps. If that’s too much, try and do at least 5k steps every day during your trip. You can also go for a city walk on foot or play a sport at your resort or go for a hike or cycle a little.

Enjoy stillness

From one to-do item to another, don’t be in a rush. Stay for 10 minutes extra on the beach even after the sunset. Don’t be in a hurry to pay the bill and leave right after finishing a meal. Be in the moment. Mindfully take it all in.

Practice Yoga

woman doing yoga

Do a few breathing exercises or pranayam if not more. But practicing yoga every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, can be immensely beneficial for you. Do a few suryanamaskars or an easy Hatha flow – take your pick.

Eat and drink mindfully

Stay hydrated at all times to ensure your mind doesn’t confuse thirst for hunger. Have hearty breakfasts every single day. Eat mindfully and slowly. Chew, don’t gulp. Don’t eat after your mind signals you to stop. Listen to your intuition. If you end up downing many wine glasses at night, try and take it easy the next day. Eat local authentically sourced food. Include a lot of fresh fiber in your meals.

Go green

Traveling sustainably all the time might not be possible for everyone. But all of us can at least do simple things like carrying our own bottle (steel or copper). Use fewer tissues, and if possible, carry your own eco-friendly ones. Stay at sustainable properties. Wear breathable non-toxic fabric. The moment you begin making choices in favor of the planet, know that you’re also doing things that are more in favor of you as well.

Digital Detox


When on vacation, switch off all notifications and unplug your digital life. Why scroll endlessly looking at a phone when there’s a million-dollar view right in front of your eyes? Give yourself a break from not just work emails but also social media and the internet in general.

But most importantly, remember to enjoy every bit of your break and don’t do anything that will take you on a guilt trip later. If you do, be sure to forgive yourself and let it go. Do not carry that baggage back home. You were on a trip, you ate some cake! It’s okay.