21 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations To Ground And Heal

Discover 21 empowering root chakra affirmations to ground and heal, fostering stability, security, and abundance in your life.

Why You Should Try An Ayurvedic Massage ASAP!

What is Ayurvedic massage? What to wear for a massage session? Got queries about Ayurvedic massages? Here are all your answers!

9 Tips To Get Started With The Wim Hof Method

Are you seeking a transformational, natural way to improve your physical and mental health? Perhaps you might try the famous Wim Hof Method. Its promise to boost energy, lower stress, and increase resilience has made this potent combination of breathing exercises, exposure to the cold, and attitude training rather popular. This guide will give you […]

Breathing Exercise To Strengthen Your Core

Beyond its physical prowess, the human core holds a deeper connection – one that resonates with our emotional landscape. Just as it provides stability and balance to our bodies, the core can also mirror our emotional state. It’s no coincidence that we often speak of “gut feelings” or “butterflies in the stomach” when emotions run […]

Mindfulness For Stress Reduction

What is mindfulness? It is nothing but the practice of being fully present at the moment. In today’s fast-paced competitive world, stress has become a common byproduct of the ‘hustle’ culture. The constant pressures of work, relationships, and responsibilities often leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Mindfulness can be a wonderful tool to navigate through […]

7 Ways To Ease Anxiety Through Dance Meditation

Anxiety has become an increasingly common mental health issue in today’s fast-paced world. Our erratic schedules, the glorification of ‘hustle’ culture, endless doomscrolling on the internet, and a bunch of other things have led to many people suffering from chronic anxiety. Naturally, it’s extremely important to seek help and rely on various coping mechanisms to alleviate […]

3 Easy Activities To Balance Your Chakras

‘Prana’, ‘Chi’, ‘Ki’, ‘Mana’, ‘Odic Force’ — these are some of the names given by various cultures to the Life Force or the energy that flows within every living being. Particularly described in different oriental cultures, this life force is believed to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being when cultivated properly. The concept of  […]

5 Ways To Unwind With Aromatherapy

Recently, during my visit to Jaipur, I came across a locally made perfume or ittr that mimics the soil’s fragrance after the first rain. Quite a romantic claim, right? I took a whiff of this essence and was transported to my childhood. For a few moments, I was playing in my backyard, feeling relaxed by […]

5 Breathwork Exercises For A Relaxed Mind And Body

Hi there, precious readers. If you’ve had a couple of stressful days or feel like that one nagging worry is not letting you sleep, then this one’s for you. From bettering your endurance during sports activities to improving your energy levels when you feel sluggish, breathwork can help you immensely. So let’s begin with a […]

7 Benefits of Breathwork On Your Body And Mind

A gym trainer is coaching his trainee to exhale while lifting weights and inhale while putting the weights down. In a hospital, a nurse is asking an expecting mother to take deep breaths when in labor. A woman is asking her colleague to take a deep breath before an important presentation. Don’t we all witness […]